Bois du Cazier

Rue du Cazier, nr. 80
6001, Marcinelle
+32 (0) 71 88.08.56 German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Add to Cart 
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The past, present for the future South of Charleroi,Bois du Cazier has become a place which is alive to all aspects of the Industrial heritage. Nestling in a green hollow this outstanding architectural site, crowned by two winding houses, is surrounded by three slag heaps which have been landscaped with footpaths. On this site of a huge mining catastrophe there is now a museum complex dedicated to coal, glass and steel, arranged in three sections: the section commemorating the tragedy of 8 August 1956, the Glass Museum with its prestigious collection and the Industry Museum which plunges you into that human and technical saga of the Industrial Revolution. You can also see: The Memorial to the 262 victims. The wooded estate with the Avenue of Remembrance and the viewpoint looking over the landscape. The Forge workshops and the glass-blowing where the workmen bring the old machinery back to life.
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