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Le Parc Pairi Daiza, 3 Michelin stars, is worth a detour.

Le Parc Pairi Daiza, the pride of Hainaut province, is a destination not be missed. Nominated the most attractive park in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2015, Pairi Daiza welcomes you in a 55-hectare garden of unequalled beauty. Come and discover Nature as you’ve never seen it before, with luxuriant plants originating from the ends of the earth, trees and flowers from all four corners of the globe. Exploring Pairi Daiza means also exploring the world. During your visit, pass through the heritage left behind by the biggest civilisations, take in authentic architectural and handicraft treasures from China, Indonesia, Thailand and many other countries. Finally, get acquainted with the 5,000 animals that live there in harmony. The best Zoo in Belgium and the Netherlands offers you the chance to dive into a unique world, alongside our planet’s most beautiful animals. Make use of your arrival to greet Haohaoi and Xinghui, the park’s iconic giant pandas.



Battlekart ©HCT - C. Carpentier

Have you always dreamed of immersing yourself in your favourite video game? Of linking the virtual world and reality? Well, search no longer, your dream is now reality thanks to BattleKart! VisitHainaut invites you to discover one of the most original activities in Belgium and the world! Come and challenge your friends in a totally new way, thanks to the adventure of augmented reality. Face your adversaries on numerous circuits and thanks to the different playing modes boosted by weapons and iconic bonuses. Aboard your Kart, you’re plunged into the heart of a video game. This immersive experience will give you truly real sensations, generated by innumerable interactions between your adversaries and the virtual elements. Among friends, colleagues or as a family, BattleKart is without a doubt one of VisitHainaut’s greatest attractions . Dive into an unforgettable experience!

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It’s entirely possible to ski in Hainaut! Thanks to IceMountain, live and feel the sensations of your best descents on the slopes as though you were really there. On an area of 9000 square metres, enjoy real snow thanks to the two indoor slopes, equipped with ski-tows and moving walkways. Not equipped? No problem! IceMountain provides rental of all equipment (skis, shoes & poles – snowboard & soft boots) that will allow you to hurtle down the 210 metres of fresh powder snow at a high coefficient of friction. Wanting to initiate yourself in the pleasure of wild descents? Well then, IceMountain is the destination for you too! Benefit from the various beginners’ or advanced packages in skiing and snowboarding, taught in the form of private lessons or in groups by qualified supervisors. IceMountain, today, is much more than a unique adventure in the snow! Make the most of your visit by testing the freshly unveiled Skydive, experiencing acro climbing or even teaming up for a Paintball game.


Never had the chance to make a parachute jump? Now there’s no need for a plane... Or even a parachute! Experience the big leap without leaving the ground thanks to Airspace Indoor Skydiving, Europe’s most sophisticated freefall simulator. Located a stone’s throw from Charleroi Airport, Airspace offers you a unique experience thanks to its wind tunnel, which enables you to float through the air. The instructors’ advice and the training you’ll be given first will allow you to defy the laws of gravity for a totally new experience. Immortalise your adventure and take your flight certificate home with you. Without doubt an experience that’ll take your breath away!

Fancy taking to the air in Hainaut? Then don’t miss the Skydive experience offered by IceMountain either!


Seize the opportunity to discover mini-golf as you’ve never seen it before! Goolfy allows you to explore a new side of one of the most popular activities for families or days out with friends. Dive into a totally unprecedented setting, a fluorescent world decorated with 3D works. Share a joyous, good-humoured moment of relaxation right across the 18-hole course.


Got a good stomach for heights? Then let's meet 107 metres above the void! The Skywalk at the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure offers a breathtaking panorama from the top of the two glazed viewpoints. Thanks to easy access via elevator, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable view across the Lac de la Plate Taille and across the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure and Falemprise. Tread on the glass panes and experience the adventure of walking in the void for an instant! A unique moment matched only by the view in front of you.


Amid a magnificent leafy setting located a stone’s throw from the French-Belgian border, shouts and laughter liven up the apparent calm. You’re here! Belgium Cable Park opens its doors to you. Come and do water skiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating or even kneeboarding, all pulled by a system of cables. Make the most of the sunny weather to savour the joys of a day packed with unique sensations! If you don’t want to get out onto the water, make the most of the lake’s ideal location to bathe... in the sun! Belgium Cable Park, an attraction for the whole family, also offers the opportunity to enjoy trampolines with a unique view, or to relax during fiendish ping-pong matches. A must-see!

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How about testing Belgium’s biggest rope bridge? Soar above the Lac d’Orient and be thrilled by unique sensations. Ecopark Adventures, at Tournai, offers a range that’s suited to all visitors. With no fewer than 5 trails amid the trees, you’re sure to have fun here! Also benefit from the beginners’ trails to get your bearings, or from the minipark specially for children to grasp this vivid adventure.

Tempted by adventure? Then also explore Natura Parc, at the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure!