Unusual accommodations in Hainaut

Experience a dream night in one of Hainaut's unusual accommodations. Sleep amid natural surroundings in a cabin. Spend the night beneath the stars, while enjoying modern comfort... So many magic moments made possible thanks to our adventurous hoteliers! An unforgettable time for breaking the everyday routine or recharging your batteries, in harmony with nature.

Sleep in the trees

A real childhood dream! Imagine a night perched 6 metres up, in a cabin atop a centuries-old oak. Don’t be afraid, a staircase allows you to climb up without risk! Inside, you’ll discover a rustic cabin, with everything you need for spending a low-frills weekend. A cooking niche, a sofa corner and a mezzanine, beneath the roof, for spending the night. Absolute calm prevails in Oncle Henri’s cabin, on the edge of French Ardenne. Let yourself be cradled by the soft sound of the water from the river that passes at the foot of this unusual accommodation! Try out the Cabane de Marie too! In the morning, pull up your 100% home-made breakfast basket by rope! Also experience the cabins at la Carrauterie.

La Case de l’Oncle Henri - Mommignies- http://www.cabanedanslesarbres.be

La Cabane de Marie - Arquennes -  http://www.restauration-nouvelle.be/etablissement/cabane-marie/http://ww...

La Carrauterie - http://www.carrauterie.com/


Sleeping beneath the stars

Ever been surprised to find yourself admiring the sky, lying in the grass? To the point where time no longer has a hold on you. The clouds cause your imagination to wander. The first stars come out and already the dusk offers you a fabulous spectacle! Everything is possible in the “Sphairs”, transparent balloons several metres in diameter. Permanently inflated, they look a bit like igloo tents. Mid-way between the hotel and the camp site, their designer wants to show you what he calls “glamping”. Enjoy an immersive camping experience while staying warm and dry, out of the elements! These “Sphairs” are installed at the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure, in Virelles and in western Hainaut. Numerous other picturesque places are set to be added to this unusual range soon! Exceptional sites that connect you with nature. La Sphair - western Hainaut

La Sphair – Hainaut occidental – Lacs de l’eau d’Heure – Etangs de Virelles  - www.sphair.eu


Sleeping in caravan or yurt

Lovers of simple pleasures, minimalist holidays - the caravan is made for you! Why bother yourself with lots of things when you can be happy with just a few? But make no mistake, the layout is pretty, it’s a rather cosy nest! The interior is clad in timber. You’ll find all modern conveniences there! The yurt is another means of rediscovering your balance with yourself, with nature and your loved ones. The roundness of the yurt will immerse you in the purest Mongolian tradition. You’ll go home in a peaceful, zen frame of mind. Combine your stay with body and mind treatments at la Carrauterie. La Roulotte de Jules - Arquennes

La Roulotte de Jules - Arquennes - http://www.restauration-nouvelle.be/etablissement/la-roulotte-de-jules/

Domaine de la Carrauterie - Sautin - www.carrauterie.be